We will continuously analyse medium- and long-term market trends. "The trend is your friend.", as one says though sometimes a treacherous one. Please click on "Download-File" to read one of our recent studies in order to judge our working method.

It has been an established practice to analyse markets based on two different approaches:
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
Both methods are best used together bearing in mind that the past is not always a flawless guide to the future.

  • There is a third way to judge markets. Market participants seldom act rationally but are subject to GREED and FEAR, experts sometimes more than ordinary people. Successful investors have to attempt to measure these mass-psychological patterns of behaviour in order to optimise market timing.

    The media is obviously an excellent help in judging the mood of the masses as they enjoy reporting the calamities of the moment.

It is our responsibility to select the markets that offer outstanding capital appreciation potential.